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Boho Pants Merlot

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Denim Rayon Fusion: Stonewashed Pants with Tiered Gathered Patchwork of Denim and Rayon. Embrace the fusion of denim and rayon with our Denim Rayon Fusion Patchwork Pants. These flared A-line pants feature a high waist and a loose-fitting silhouette, offering both style and comfort. The pants showcase a delightful patchwork design with gathered and tiered sections, combining denim and rayon fabrics. The mismatched combination of these materials adds a playful and eclectic touch to the overall look. The denim sections are overdyed and stone washed, giving them a vintage-inspired appeal. Designed for practicality, these pants come with two pockets, providing convenience for storing small essentials. The elasticated waist ensures a secure and adjustable fit, accentuating the high-waisted style. Indulge in the unique charm of the Denim Rayon Fusion Patchwork Pant. Fall Clothing Western Women Denim Jeans Pant